Saturday, January 19, 2013


Though it sounds like a macabre subject, Suicide Notes, from director Travis Ammons is actually quite fun and uplifting. After a bad breakup, Neil fails miserably in his attempts to off himself - but when he is cast in a play that requires his character to actually commit suicide on stage, he might just succeed. Filmed locally, this satirical comedy is a gem of Houston film, starring Lou Martini Jr., Sue Rock, Travis Ammons and more. Larry Mckee's clever cinematography manages to capture Lou Martini Jr. performance as a perpetually naked stage director in just the right light, so to speak, keeping it comedic instead of raunchy. Sue Rock shines as a deliciously evil, manipulative, money hungry producer, using all her charms to get her way. Definitely a must see for fans of indie comedy! Congrats to cast and crew.

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