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Friday, November 2, 2012


I hear actors self sabotage their careers all the time by saying the seemingly innocuous phrase "I don't want to be typecast." Getting type-cast is a good thing. It means your are working. The only actor that should fear typecasting is a major star with a history of genre pictures, who wants to break out into a role that will put him/her in Oscar contention.

For the rest of us, the more easily defined as character types that we are, the more that we will work.

Consider how films are cast:

Leads are given to stars to ensure that the film will sell and recoup investment.

Supporting roles go to solid character actors that are typically known to the casting director or production company. How did they get to be known commodities?

By getting in the door as a day player, and consistently doing great work. What's a day player? You know, the doctor that comes out for a few lines and says "the patient didn't make it..." or the waitress in the diner who asks if "you want more coffee..." or the smarmy opposing counsel who "objects"to just about everything.

This is where the aspiring actor fits in... Get typecast based on your look and skill set. Are you the doctor, sleazy attorney, waitress in the diner? Be the first one the casting director thinks of when the script calls for those, or other specialized characters.

Once you are working regularly, then worry about expanding your repertoire.

Me, I play the Rookie Cop, the Dedicated Doctor, the slightly Smarmy Attorney, the Redneck, the Sleazy Photographer, and the Special Agent, among others.

Define and market yourself in easily identifiable categories and watch your bookings increase.

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