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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Need the best pageant headshots in Houston? Want to be a top Pagent Contestant? Want to win Miss Photogenic? My clients have won Miss Texas, Miss Teen Texas, Mrs. Texas International and more...

A great headshot, along with flawless makeup and pageant coaching are the keys to success. Don't skimp in any of these areas if you are serious about your career.

This shot of Peyton Saverance is one of my all time favorites! Sheila Ybarra's makeup is second to none.

Another key to a successful pageant is an eye catching pageant ad, with consistent branding across your entire pageant campaign.

Miss Texas International, Angelique Hoover chose the studio's photography and design services for her winning graphic design campaign. 

A successful pageant is the result of proper planning and building a great team to support you. An extremely important part of that team is a pageant coach. Want to dramatically improve your pageant interview scores?  Valerie Hayes is one of the most sought after coaches in pageantry!

When you are ready to achieve your pageantry goals, contact the studio and start building a winning team!

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